Miss. K

Survival in United Kingdom.

I want to learn Thai and Spanish.

Hiding behind the sunshine. Sunshine for this country is luxury! (at Cathays)
I think I’m not suitable to cooking toufu, coz I can’t bear toufu broke into pieces!≥﹏≤
Really nice day! Especially I submitted Lean Operations assignment! Wow Hoo~
Give me a hug plz~ :) (at Cardiff University Julian Hodge Building)


Lunar New Year Ushers in the Year of the Snake

Starting today, more than 1.5 billion people around the world will celebrate the Lunar New Year—a time for gathering with family, honoring ancestors, and eating! The holiday is celebrated at the beginning of the year in locations that utilize the lunar calendar, and this year marks the Year of the Snake, one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac.

In China, the Lunar New Year is celebrated as the Chinese New Year, or “Spring Festival,” and is one of the most important Chinese holidays. Instagrammers are sharing photos from the 2013 festivities, including traditions like giving children lucky money in red envelopes, hanging lanterns, setting off fireworks, and performing the iconic dragon and lion dances.

To catch a glimpse into today’s festivities, be sure to browse through the #lunarnewyear, #LNY, #chinesenewyear, and #CNY hashtags.

Happy Chinese New Year~!Woo Hoo~

This place always make me feel amazing! #Cardiff